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Business and political leaders have traditionally been the driving force behind the establishment of our cultural organizations, supporting and strengthening the arts. Since its inception more than 100 years ago, the DIA has been nurtured by civic-minded business leaders and through this history of generous support the DIA has grown into one of this country’s preeminent fine arts museums.

As a corporate partner you join a roster that includes such historic luminaries as Ralph Harman Booth, James E. Scripps, Dexter M. Ferry, (senior and junior), Joseph L. Hudson, Theodore D. Buhl, Robert H. Tannahill and Edsel and Eleanor Ford. Your support strengthens and extends the foundation built by these benefactors and helps ensure the continuation of an institution essential to the well being of our community. The city of Detroit and the intimate relationship between art and commerce that has produced so many success stories over the years remains just as critical today as it was in 1895 or 1995. This is best embodied at the heart of the museum in the amazing frescoes of Diego Rivera, Detroit Industry. Here we experience that powerful union of art and industry that embodies Detroit and the DIA, and attracts visitors from around the world.

We invite you to establish a partnership with the DIA and join in our mission to secure the legacy of the past and help bring the DIA into a vibrant future.

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